Lost, a short film by Sabrina Kouroughli and Gaëtan Vassart (2021, 15min).
With the support of LRDN PRODUCTIONS.

With Gaëtan Vassart, Sabrina Kouroughli, Gabriel Vassart, Arthur Vassart,  Karine Aelion, Jean-Charles Delbarre, Paul-Antoine Fresnais and Owen Maquine.

Reward in 11th New Delhi International Short Film Festival (ISFF, 2022) – Special Mention Awards, in 33th KINOFORUM CURTA (Brazil, 2023), Selected in Sao Paulo Short Film 2022 and in Short International Extreme – Short Image & Film Festival (2022), 33th São Paulo International Short Film Festival (Sāo Paulo ISFF 2022), 14th Seoul International Extreme-short Image & Film Festival (SESIFF 2022), Barcelona’s XXXIV Sants Fantasy and Horror Film Marathon (Spain, 2022), Mexico’s International Festival of Independent Art and Cinema (MIAX, 2022), 23th Pontault-Combault International First film Festival (France, 2022),  AQP Audiovisual y Cine Festival (Arequipa, Perú, 2022), Tbilisi 3rd Diogenes International Short Film Festival (Georgia, 2022), Sevilla’s Akida International Film Festival (Spain, 2023), 6th Venezuela International Film Festival Fescilmar (2022), l festival WomenTime! II Festival Internacional de cine Femenino de Canarias, 13th Festival International du Film d’horreur de Valparaiso (Chili, 2022), in Amity International Film Festival (AIFF, India, 2022), in New york festival independant of Film (USA, 2023), International Film Festival of Gandhara (Pakistan, 2023) and in International film Festival of Piélagos (Espagne, 2023), in  16th Festival International du film des Droits Humains de Molins de Rei (Barcelone, 2023), in Festival International du film Cine Villa de Orgaz ( Tolède, 2023) , in Mostra Oudeis International Film Festival, Rome (Italie, 2023) and in Mumbai International Cinema 4 Screen Film Festival (India, 2023).

In the midst of a heat wave, a family spends an afternoon at the beach to celebrate the birthday of their son Gabriel. But nothing will go as planned.