Tomorrow, the World !

Tomorrow, The World ! a feature film by Julia von Heinz, co-written with John Quester (in production)
Produced by Seven Elephants and coproduced by Haïku Films, with the support of the Mini-Traité, Arte, SWR, WDR, BR, the FFA, the Bavaria Region, the Berlin Brandenburg Region and the Baden-Württemberg region

With Mala Emde, David Schütter, David Kross and Luisa Céline-Gaffron

A wave of racist violence sweeps across Germany. Luisa is member of an anti-fascist movement that is violently opposed to neo-Nazis. But through the virulence of her commitment against the far right, Luisa also tries to impress Alfa, a boy whom she loves. As the situation gets worse, Luisa and her friends have to go into hiding.